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Tender Coconut Pudding – Moments Of Pure Enjoyment

I look forward to that day every month when I meet up with my friends for lunch to add new life, exchange ideas… and most of all to renew, rejuvenate and refresh ourselves. The positive vibrations  visibly crackle in the atmosphere and it is pure fun and enjoyment in one anothers’ company. The culinary treat … Continue reading

Cheese Chicken- Notes of a Homemaker

Dedicated to the generations of women, who went through the process of home-making happily, and considered it worthy and satisfying enough to be a full-time job. To the innumerable people who ask me,”What do you do the entire day?” – I am genuinely puzzled; I am sure about one thing though – I don’t have … Continue reading

Ulli (Small Onion) Sambar – Understanding Life And Living

Just a few months back, a sprightly  girl invited us to take part in a workshop conducted by the youth wing of  an organisation.The session, interspersed with narrations, was interactive, thought-provoking and brilliantly executed. The dynamism, sincerity and dedication of the youth, motivated us and injected fresh insights and energy into our lives in more … Continue reading

Sunrise Paneer – A Few Of My Favorite Things

What’s your idea of having fun? Mine is browsing in the bookshop for hours on end, watching a good movie, listening to music that takes me  floating into a fantasy dreamland, singing with abandon when nobody is around, spending time with my closest and dearest ones, lazing on the beach – listening to the roar of … Continue reading

Caramel Custard – A Sweet Ending

Recently my nephew introduced me to Masterchef Australia – a brilliant, innovative reality cooking show.  It transformed our evenings and brought new excitement and anticipation every single day.  I never thought that food could evoke such strong feelings.  Rightly said that food is one of the passions of man. It rekindled my interest in desserts… dug … Continue reading

Ulli Theeyal – My Hometown,On The Shores Of The Arabian Sea

I grew up in a sleepy little town, famed for cashews, on the shores of the Arabian Sea… fringed by swaying coconut trees where the expanse of sky, sea and earth bring us close to heaven in God’s Own Country… the beach was our playground… Unique to this region is this brown rich curry – Theeyal. Here the … Continue reading

The Golden Soup – Carrot & Tomato Soup – A Lovely Start

Recently, I was invited by a very dear friend of mine for a get-together at her home. She served us soup, a tantalising, delicious golden broth,  a carrot and tomato soup, full of anti-oxidants and vitamins combining both taste and goodness. Soups are warm, comforting and nourishing. Very right for a cool, Bangalore evening, where the … Continue reading

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