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Dosa, Chutney and Filter Coffee-The South Indian Life Line

Today the main artery of Bangalore. M.G.Road is  teeming with vehicles and pedestrians. We seldom go there now, since there are  malls and shops dotting each locality. In the eighties, M.G.Road was where we used to go for eating out or shopping or just chilling out with friends  in the evenings. I am nostalgic about … Continue reading

Semia Payasam – Once Upon a Time… A Birthday!

In these days of mass-manufactured birthday parties conducted by professionals, my mind often drifts back to the time when I was a child. On my piranaalu (birthday), my parents made me feel like a princess……. We would go to the temple early in the morning ; and after that, pay our respects to the elders … Continue reading

Mutton Stew – Among The Lush Green Paddy Fields

Nestled in among the  green carpets of paddy fields, in a village near Palakkad, was the home of my husband’s grandmother. It was the sort of house you would  identify  with ” The House of The Seven Gables”. The rooms were large and our room sort of swallowed me. The evening meal at 8 was … Continue reading

Kerala Fish Fry (Mackerel) – With Love From Amma

Embedded  in the green strip of the tropical coast line of Kerala is my home town, Kollam. It is where some of the best sea food of India is found and is as varied as sardines, mackerel, pomfret, squid, seer fish, ….. When we went  to Kollam for holidays, Amma made us the choicest of curries … Continue reading

Mutta Thoran – Kerala Scrambled Eggs with coconut

My children would protest whenever I serve them a fish or meat-less lunch. So, I try to improvise with a Mutta Thoran to pacify them… and most of the time it succeeds !!!  Now they are grown-up and when the occasion arises, I do the same for my son-in-law and grandchildren. Mutta thoran is scrambled … Continue reading

Amma’s Istoo – Vineyards and A Lake

Looking back, I am amazed at how secure, unchanging and predictable my childhood  world was. No wave big or small was allowed to disturb the routine of our days. Only after being a parent, did I realise how much my parents must have worked to make it that way. Studies were of prime importance but … Continue reading

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