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Kerala Parippu Recipe – Moong Dal Curry – Simple Yet Nourishing

As far back as I can remember, my Father has been subscribing to Reader’s Digest. From cover to cover, highly engaging articles supplement our vocabulary, entertain us, increase awareness of health, finance, environment and practically everything that is worth knowing and motivate us with real-life dramas. Now we have zillions of magazines to choose from. … Continue reading

Erissery – Pumpkin and Red Beans Curry – Once Again,………… It’s Onam, Ponnonam

It’s that time of the year again……… ……….when a dreary, wet month of incessant rain ends in a bountiful harvest. ……….when the roads are full of busy shoppers weaving their way through the never – ending  traffic. ……….when vibrant hues of the flowers are matched only by the exuberance of the happy, excited children who … Continue reading

Uzhunnu Vada /Urud Dal Vada – Golden Moments

One of the most defining moments of a mother is when her baby begins to utter her first few words and so it was with me. One among them was ‘ Belle’, to my thrilled sister. Since Belle translates to ‘beautiful woman’ in French, she wouldn’t have any other. As children, we have shared a … Continue reading

Dosa, Chutney and Filter Coffee-The South Indian Life Line

Today the main artery of Bangalore. M.G.Road is  teeming with vehicles and pedestrians. We seldom go there now, since there are  malls and shops dotting each locality. In the eighties, M.G.Road was where we used to go for eating out or shopping or just chilling out with friends  in the evenings. I am nostalgic about … Continue reading

Fried Yam Cubes – A Taste Of Freedom

As we go through the fluid motions of life – conforming to norms, rules and regulations, and expectations – we must remember to take pleasure in the little things that make life enjoyable. When my sister and I were young, my parents gave us cycles of our own; we were encouraged to ride them (within … Continue reading

Vegetable Cutlets – Carrot and Beetroot Cutlets – Awaiting a New Dawn

A few years ago,I used to drop my grandson at school. Everyday, as he and the other children walked  to the classroom with their huge schoolbags swinging from side to side, I used to feel a twinge of pain. Such heavy burden for such small kids! Every child has a right to be a child, … Continue reading

Avial – Kerala Mixed Vegetable Dish – A Lesson Learned Well

When we moved to Bangalore in the late seventies, we rented a small, cozy house on the West Of Chord Road where the houses were few and far in between. Windy and cold in the evenings, I used to spend  them listening to songs on my trusted transistor, trying to turn out a passable dinner. … Continue reading

Ulli (Small Onion) Sambar – Understanding Life And Living

Just a few months back, a sprightly  girl invited us to take part in a workshop conducted by the youth wing of  an organisation.The session, interspersed with narrations, was interactive, thought-provoking and brilliantly executed. The dynamism, sincerity and dedication of the youth, motivated us and injected fresh insights and energy into our lives in more … Continue reading

Kerala Kadala Curry – A Break In The Climb

Starting early morning from Kannur – to get home to Bangalore before nightfall – after attending the naming ceremony of my niece, we left Kerala behind and climbed up the Western Ghats. The rays of the morning sun slowly cleared the thick mist that hung in the air. Turns are hidden and motoring is a … Continue reading

Olan- Ashgourd and Cowpeas in coconut milk-The Music Box

“When I was young I’d listen to the radio Waitin’ for my favorite songs When they played I’d sing along It made me smile.” – The Carpenters How truly these words of Karen Carpenter describe my passion for music?? Before cable, internet & TV remade and  revolutionised the entertainment scene, when all was quiet, calm and peaceful on the home … Continue reading

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