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Chicken Biriyani – A Wholesome Feast from Ustad Hotel

Ustad Hotel is a simple film. It is not a simplistic film. Some movies entertain us. Others touch us. A few make us think. Ustad Hotel combines them in a two-hour feast. A fabulous background of the sun, sand and ocean, colourful visuals of Kerala parotha and Malabar Biriyani, the charm exuded by the actors,  … Continue reading

Cheese Chicken- Notes of a Homemaker

Dedicated to the generations of women, who went through the process of home-making happily, and considered it worthy and satisfying enough to be a full-time job. To the innumerable people who ask me,”What do you do the entire day?” – I am genuinely puzzled; I am sure about one thing though – I don’t have … Continue reading

Kerala Mutton Fry – Attirachi Fry – Erachi Ularthiyathu – Sunny Days

At times when I relax  in the afternoon….. warm  memories cascade down……. away to those carefree sunny days.. For the first decade of my married life, my brother,  much younger to me,  was an integral part of our household. Off and on, through those years, he would be with us, sometimes for a course, during the … Continue reading

Mutton Stew – Among The Lush Green Paddy Fields

Nestled in among the  green carpets of paddy fields, in a village near Palakkad, was the home of my husband’s grandmother. It was the sort of house you would  identify  with ” The House of The Seven Gables”. The rooms were large and our room sort of swallowed me. The evening meal at 8 was … Continue reading

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