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Chicken Biriyani – A Wholesome Feast from Ustad Hotel

Ustad Hotel is a simple film. It is not a simplistic film. Some movies entertain us. Others touch us. A few make us think. Ustad Hotel combines them in a two-hour feast. A fabulous background of the sun, sand and ocean, colourful visuals of Kerala parotha and Malabar Biriyani, the charm exuded by the actors,  … Continue reading

Kerala Parippu Vada, Masala Vada – A Shower from the Heavens

Heavy clouds gather, darken the horizon and as light fades in the airy rooms, the lamps are switched on. A cool breeze comes in slowly, gathers strength and the curtains dance in billowing waves. Housewives rush out to gather their clothes from the clothesline outside. Rolls of thunder come nearer us. Stabs of lightning flash … Continue reading

Paal Payasam / Ari Payasam – Of Dreams and Desserts

Not a day passes in our house when we do not use an Amul product, the brainchild of Dr. Verghese Kurien, ‘ Father of the White Revolution’ in  India. Recently I was lucky to chance upon his autobiography “I Too Had A Dream“,  and was filled with wonder at his energy, foresight and commitment. He … Continue reading

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