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Tomato Rasam – The Master Of The Mind Game

Rasam – The Master of The Mind Game Whenever Vishwanathan Anand wins a match, the old chess board comes out in our house, chess games are played with fervour, strategic moves and traps are discussed and chess books are referred to for the finer touches. From the background, I watch amused, knowing that soon their interest … Continue reading

Cool Mango Drink – One Fine Summer Evening

It was summer in Bangalore – the holiday season –  the season of mangoes. As the day melted into the evening, the children set off on their cycles to the Association library. Within an hour, they were back home, talking nineteen to the dozen. And with good reason; as they were invited to take part in … Continue reading

Uzhunnu Vada /Urud Dal Vada – Golden Moments

One of the most defining moments of a mother is when her baby begins to utter her first few words and so it was with me. One among them was ‘ Belle’, to my thrilled sister. Since Belle translates to ‘beautiful woman’ in French, she wouldn’t have any other. As children, we have shared a … Continue reading

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