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Vegetable Cutlets – Carrot and Beetroot Cutlets – Awaiting a New Dawn

A few years ago,I used to drop my grandson at school. Everyday, as he and the other children walked  to the classroom with their huge schoolbags swinging from side to side, I used to feel a twinge of pain. Such heavy burden for such small kids! Every child has a right to be a child, … Continue reading

Avial – Kerala Mixed Vegetable Dish – A Lesson Learned Well

When we moved to Bangalore in the late seventies, we rented a small, cozy house on the West Of Chord Road where the houses were few and far in between. Windy and cold in the evenings, I used to spend  them listening to songs on my trusted transistor, trying to turn out a passable dinner. … Continue reading

Ulli (Small Onion) Sambar – Understanding Life And Living

Just a few months back, a sprightly  girl invited us to take part in a workshop conducted by the youth wing of  an organisation.The session, interspersed with narrations, was interactive, thought-provoking and brilliantly executed. The dynamism, sincerity and dedication of the youth, motivated us and injected fresh insights and energy into our lives in more … Continue reading

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