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Kalan – Kerala Kalan Recipe – The King Of Sadya

When cooking Kerala food, I turn for guidance to Chechi, my son-in-law’s mother ,a wonderful human being and a cook par excellence. Everything she cooks is exquisite and brings forth the quintessential flavors of Kerala. Whenever we go to their home,unfailingly we are treated to a sumptuous ‘sadya’ and every dish – olan, avial, kalan, sambar, … Continue reading

Kerala Fish Fry (Mackerel) – With Love From Amma

Embedded  in the green strip of the tropical coast line of Kerala is my home town, Kollam. It is where some of the best sea food of India is found and is as varied as sardines, mackerel, pomfret, squid, seer fish, ….. When we went  to Kollam for holidays, Amma made us the choicest of curries … Continue reading

Sunrise Paneer – A Few Of My Favorite Things

What’s your idea of having fun? Mine is browsing in the bookshop for hours on end, watching a good movie, listening to music that takes me  floating into a fantasy dreamland, singing with abandon when nobody is around, spending time with my closest and dearest ones, lazing on the beach – listening to the roar of … Continue reading

Mutta Thoran – Kerala Scrambled Eggs with coconut

My children would protest whenever I serve them a fish or meat-less lunch. So, I try to improvise with a Mutta Thoran to pacify them… and most of the time it succeeds !!!  Now they are grown-up and when the occasion arises, I do the same for my son-in-law and grandchildren. Mutta thoran is scrambled … Continue reading

Grilled Cheese Sandwich – Pudina Chutney – An Evening In The Seventies

Before TV took centre-stage in our lives, our weekend evenings were spent at Plaza, Rex, Lido…  especially Plaza with its fascinating wooden dance floor,  the defunct bar in the corner and  black and white photographs of Elizabeth Taylor, Gregory Peck and Richard Burton on the walls which took us to another era. I remember  an … Continue reading

Amma’s Istoo – Vineyards and A Lake

Looking back, I am amazed at how secure, unchanging and predictable my childhood  world was. No wave big or small was allowed to disturb the routine of our days. Only after being a parent, did I realise how much my parents must have worked to make it that way. Studies were of prime importance but … Continue reading

Dry Chutney Powder – Idli,Dosa Chutney Podi – Fast Track To The Future

Step aside the stars, Namma Metro is the new hero. Last week, on a holiday, we had our first ride in the Bangalore Metro. More than a ride, it was a picnic for the entire family; a great experience. Given the convenience and low cost, it was a thrill to see familiar sights from that … Continue reading

Caramel Custard – A Sweet Ending

Recently my nephew introduced me to Masterchef Australia – a brilliant, innovative reality cooking show.  It transformed our evenings and brought new excitement and anticipation every single day.  I never thought that food could evoke such strong feelings.  Rightly said that food is one of the passions of man. It rekindled my interest in desserts… dug … Continue reading

RAVA UPMA – The Simple Rava Upma/Uppumavu shows the way

As you go through life in its wonderful journey of ups and downs, every experience contributes to the learning curve of this fascinating landscape. My first experience of real cooking was when we had guests come over at our new home. I went through the recipe books my mother had given me and decided that the … Continue reading

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